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The Stolendale Project

Stolendale is an immersive roleplaying experience built in Hytale that allows players to battle to the death using collectible cards which spawn monsters, launch attacks, and help you win the match.

Players can go on roleplaying adventures to find more cards, or may purchase physical cards and card packs as collectibles. Fight against friend, foe, or compete in a global competition to win cash prizes and sell out stadiums – it’s all up to you.

Our power in numbers


From all around the world, amazing individuals helping us creating Stolendale

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Hours of Work

Already spent a countless of hours, working, concepting and creating Stolendale 

City World-Tour

We are headed to a 15 cities roadshow promoting Hytale’s biggest server and community!

Fact 307 - Aeiros Book

Aeiros is home to magical creatures a’plenty!  From dangerous dragons to curious centaurs, the game will ship with 25 starting creatures you can play with.

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