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The Stolendale Project

Why Join?

Stolendale is a passion project, built within the Hytale world, with the main purpose of breaking the fourth wall, bringing the virtual game into the real world!

Meetings are fun. Select volunteers get to witness the impact of their work by traveling to events to meet one-on-one with players, staff, and the media.

Below are Jim, Nathan, and Shay brainstorming in England!

The 2019 Roadshow trip

15 cities

Our roadshow is one of the main ways we interact with our guests. Every year, our staff and select volunteers go to fifteen cities to pass out swag and talk about the future of the Hytale industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Stolendale, we’ve probably been luckier than most. We want to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Stolendale.org is our website dedicated to helping people, charities, and other organizations. We don’t publicly advertise this too often because we don’t want to seem like we’re doing this for the PR – we just want to help in any way we can.

Our team created a t-shirt design to support the rebuilding of Notre Dame after we learned of the tragic events in Paris this April.

The mission of The Howdy Interactive Company is to entertain and empower people around the globe to continue working and playing however suits them best, while creating products that allow our company and culture to continuously expand and get better. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Hytale is an open-world game that’s a direct competitor to Minecraft.

For more information on Hytale, read EuroGamer’s article: Hytale is a brand new game from giants of the Minecraft community, backed by Riot

Stolendale is both a virtual and a physical card game. The virtual game takes place into the Hytale world. The cards that players use in-game to battle to death spawn monsters, launch attacks, and help them stand out!

Our project lead Jim did an interview with Hytale Best Servers, where he revealed some interesting stuff!

You can view our currently available positions by clicking here.

Volunteers are not paid. On game launch, we have a perk program through Zestful that will reward volunteers with free Hulu, Spotify, HBO GO, Netflix, and a $50/mo DoorDash credit.

More on that will be announced internally closer to the launch of our game.

Here is our schedule for the 2019 Stolendale roadshow:

San Antonio, TX – Jan 17-21

Boston, MA – Mar 27-31

London/Birmingham (Insomnia64) – Apr 14-22 

Bangor, ME – May 24

Moscow, Russia – Jul 1-10

St. Petersburg, Russia – Jul 11-20

Anaheim, CA – Jul 26-29

Los Angeles, CA – Jul 30 – Aug 3

Phoenix, AZ – Sept 11-14

New York City (Comic-Con), Oct 2-7

Bangor, ME – Oct 21-25

Phoenix, AZ – Oct 31 – Nov 5

Phoenix, AZ – Nov 22-26

Palm Springs, CA – Nov 27 – Dec 2

You can read exactly the locations and more information by clicking here!

Our inspirational team behind the wheels!

Check them out, it’s simple!